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and the advantages of working in a jurisdiction

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a special country. This is the place where the East meets the West, both culturally and mentally and even in terms of business and finance.

Bosnia - offshore in the heart of Europe

Few know this fact, but Bosnia and Herzegovina is a de facto offshore in the center of Europe, thanks to its tax legislation, which allows huge amounts of money to be transferred through foreign currency accounts with minimal taxes. In short, the tax amount will be 10% of the difference between incoming and outgoing commercial payments (and for foreign currency payments it is officially 0%!), Which can be easily adjusted by the owner of the company. However, you will not be able to pay taxes at all - you must comply with the minimum rate.


Bosnia is a country with an excellent investment climate

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country of the so-called "fertile soil business". This means that any business starting or entering the country is growing rapidly, of course, with the right approach. Compared to Russia, America and Europe, business has minimal restrictions and control from the authorities. Which has a very beneficial effect on the free and rapid development of the business.


Bosnia is a land of freedom

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country where freedom is felt in everything. For example, in the fact that you can smoke freely in cafes and restaurants, or that a small and weak opposition party won the elections in the summer of 2020. Such things are inconceivable in totalitarian countries (we will not give specific examples), but here it is a common thing, and perfectly demonstrates the level of democracy and freedom.

Bosnia and the European Union

When will Bosnia and Herzegovina become a member of the European Union?


The answer to this question is controversial, but according to our information, this will happen no later than 2027.


The European Union is investing enormous amounts of money in the development of Bosnia, in the construction of roads and infrastructure facilities. Also, this cannot but testify in favour of the above statement.


Nevertheless, each coin has two sides. For the European Union, Bosnia is a buffer zone. Where deals improbable for Europe with sanctions companies can be made, including avoiding sanctions. And while Bosnia is not yet in the EU, the EU itself is actively using Bosnia's de facto offshore financial legislation in its own interests.


Considering the above, it will not come as a surprise that certain financial and tax breaks will disappear with Bosnia's accession to the European Union. But for Bosnia itself, this step will undoubtedly be one of the most important in the country's history!

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