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Is Bosnia offshore?

Why is it not on any list of offshore companies?

The answer is simple: Bosnia is not an official offshore zone, but this is a de facto offshore.


Let's see why:


1. Payments in foreign currency are not taxed. What does it mean? It means that you can admit, for example, 1,000,000 EURO into the account of your Bosnian company and then send them wherever you need. And the tax will be 0% officially.


 2. The softest bank compliance. What is its lightness? For instance, many players on the world market know that a request from the financial monitoring (of a bank) is, in 99% of cases, an account blocking and a massive list of demanded documentation. What's in Bosnia? Provide one invoice - and continue to work!


3. Payments "without payment purpose" - is another crucial benefit of working with Bosnian banks. We indicate in the payment "Payment by invoice No. 1 dated 05/01/2021", and that's it! Nobody requires lengthy and awkward decryptions! Indeed, those who are in the know will appreciate this advantage!


4. Official and unofficial private banker. Well, the key advantage is the ability to negotiate! Our company will be happy to help you open accounts in these institutions and start mutually beneficial cooperation! Flexible and sociable employees of financial institutions, ready to meet the client under challenging issues (for example, assignment or high risk).


If, after all these arguments, you are still not sure that Bosnia is a real offshore, then just give us a call! During the conversation, you can ask our specialists all your questions and finally dispel any doubts!


We will be glad to see you among our clients!


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