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In Bosnia, accounting plays an important role

Following the example of the EU countries, the accountant is legally assigned the responsibility to monitor the organisation's integrity.

Our services:


• Accounting

• Submission of reports

• Computation of taxes and contributions

• Recovery of accounting


Accounting services include

-our accountant's accounting of your company (even if there is no activity, monthly zero accounting operations are required);

-preparation and submission of reports;

-calculation of taxes and analysis of contributions (in the case of employed individuals);

-representation of your company in tax office (if necessary).

Conditions and cost:

All accounting services are provided based on an agreement between our and your company. And their price depends on the size and complexity of your operations. See the price list for the cost.


In any country, the office of a firm is of importance

Our company is ready to provide you with high-quality service for both virtual and real offices.

Our services:


• Provision of the legal address of the company

• Provision of a virtual office

• Post service

• Acceptance of possible checks

Virtual office and its cost:

A virtual office is a service that includes: a lease agreement from the owner of the premises, with confirmation of ownership, a label with the logotype of your company at the entrance to the premises (office), postal service (optional), verification of location during an on-site check. See the price list for the cost.

Real office and its cost:

A real office is a furnished office in one of our friendly business centers. We provide a sign at the entrance, information about your company at the reception, postal service, confirmation of location during an on-site check, in addition to the opportunity for you and your employees to visit this office plus work at any time. See the price list for the cost.


We work with leading banks in the European Union and Bosnia.

Every entrepreneur knows how important it is to choose the right bank for comfortable work. Our company will help you with this!

Our services:


• Preparation of documents

• Translation of documents

• Accompaniment of an interpreter

• Opening of all types of accounts

Accounts for foreign economic settlements:

Opening a current account is a procedure comparable in difficulty to opening a company. Banks in Bosnia have a deficient level of compliance and do not annoy customers with frequent requests, but at the same time, opening an account with such a bank is a real challenge. Our company has extensive experience opening accounts in all banks in Bosnia and will be happy to help you. As a rule, the opening process lasts 2-3 weeks. It takes several visits to the bank and an impressive package of documentation. The cost of maintaining the opening of an account includes preparing and completing documentation, the work with a translator, and interacting with the bank. After opening an account, it is preferable to consult with our accountant before carrying out complex transactions. For the cost of opening an account, see the price list.

Current accounts for paying taxes and settlements within the country

Each company must have a current account in the home currency to pay taxes and do business within the country (at least - to pay for accounting and office rent). We provide a full range of support services in opening home currency accounts and foreign currency accounts for international settlements. For the cost of opening an account, see the price list.


Our experience will allow you to implement your projects!

Complex financial tasks sometimes require complex financial instruments and solutions. And we are ready to provide you with the highest quality service!

Our services:


• Preparation of documents

• Coordination with banks

• Coordination of the opening of complex financial instruments

Payment systems, merchant accounts

Few banks in Bosnia handle sophisticated financial instruments, but they do exist, and our company has strong ties with them. Regardless of the intricacy of your tasks, we can always offer the best solution. We will help you open a merchant account for your business or connect your website to a payment gateway of one of the banks in Bosnia, depending on what you need. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for advice in the "Contacts" section.

Letters of credit, guarantees of international transactions

Our knowledge and experience of our clients show that any reasonable financial tasks. In Bosnia are solved much easier than in the whole world and even in the EU! Feel free to contact us at the phones or messengers indicated in the "Contacts" section if you need advice on financial tools


Around the world

We will help you collect debts from the debtor. Any complexity. Turnkey 100% guarantee. The debtor will pay for our work! Free consultation.

What are we doing?


- We return your money from unscrupulous debtors!

Debt collection

- We collect debts and search for assets all over the world!

- We work without prepayment for services!

- We guarantee the preservation of reputation and non-disclosure of information. This point is strictly described in the contract!

- Payment for our services is made after the debt is repaid!

- We will return your debt by absolutely legal means. Settlement activities are carried out exclusively within the legal framework!

- Won more than 1700 cases in courts around the world!

- We have the shortest collection times and the most favorable conditions for cooperation!

- We work under a contract, so your rights are protected!

- We will independently collect and prepare all the necessary documents, come to court and get you the amount of debt!


We are a team of lawyers and have been dealing with foreclosure disputes for over ten years. We see ourselves as more than just lawyers, so we will always strive to be trusted advisors to clients in a commercial or personal field. We provide advanced value-added services that no law firm provides! Our core values ​​are honesty and trust, encouragement of innovation, teamwork and continuous personal development of each employee! Apply for a free consultation on contacts in the "Contacts" section!

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