Bosnia is the link between the West and the East!

Why Bosnia and Herzegovina? Learn more about the country here!

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Take advantage of this unique opportunity!
Registration of companies, residence permit for business or emigration, business services, legal services, bookkeeping


Bosnia provides unique work opportunities - it is easy to start a business and work in banks!

After having received a residence permit in Bosnia, you can simply get work visas to the EU and the United States in Bosnia as a local resident!

Bosnia is a direct candidate for the EU until 2027

 Guaranteed EU membership

- Bosnia joins NATO in 2022;

- Bosnia is a long-standing candidate for accession to the European Union, and the intended accession date is 2027;

- Bosnia's relations with the United States and the European Union are better than all of those countries in the region;

- The European Union is making severe financial investments in Bosnia!


Bosnia is just like nowhere else in the world

Residence and Citizenship

- Bosnia is a candidate country for obtaining to the European Union until 2027;

- Getting a residence permit is much easier than in any other country in the world;

- With our help, you can obtain citizenship through an accelerated procedure (through marriage)!

Offshore in the heart of Europe

Unique business conditions

- Unique tax regime - no taxes on foreign payments;

- The most loyal compliance in Europe;

- Possibility of payments to any world jurisdictions, incl. the "red" zone;

- Opening of all types of accounts and financial instruments;

- Bank support!


Why is it worth trusting exactly to us?


We are not telling you (like infinite scammers and sellers of "Romanian passports") that you will get everything quickly and easily. But we are responsible for the result! Everything (all documents and procedures) will be done within the timeframe established by law and following the established guidelines.

We have been working since 2007 (link to our company in the register)!


We will always help you set the right goals and achieve them!



Hundreds of satisfied customers for many years of work!

We have a clear plan and checklist for each task!

Contact us and see our competence, knowledge and experience!

We speak the following languages: English, Bosnian and Russian. For other languages, we use invited translators!

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